Monday, November 26, 2012

Results and Classification of 2012 FIRS B World Cup in Canelones

Twitter Official Page

Facebook Group of the Competition

Radio Señales website

Rolling Together doesn't ensure that all info is correct


For the first time ever the B World Cup will be totally broadcasted, through the local radio Señales with Spanish comments of our Amigos Carlo Albanese and Ricardo Infante, so there are no excuses to not see roller hockey next days!!! Also the Antel website will broadcast on WebTV all the matches of Uruguay.

To know more about the competition, matches and time, consult all the websites and facebook pages available.

- Official Website
- Twitter Official Page
- Facebook Group of the Competition
- Facebook Official page of the Competition
- Radio Señales website
-World Cup webpage on Wikipedia 
-Photos of the World cup Dutch Federation Facebook Page
- Website of TV Antel


  1. where can I get uptodate results on South Africa vs England

  2. try the twitter or the live TV coverage by Radio Senales ;)

    1. Negative for both, but have the score now.Is there anyway to improve communications with the outside world. We want roller hockey to grow but still very behind in communictions

    2. The Roller hockey federation is only interested in the big guns that is why roller hockey is going to die a slow death

  3. I hope Mr. Harro from CIRH can fight against the guys from FIRS that are trying to kill our hockey and put inline on our place. We must be together and not give up!!!

  4. Crisis have two meanings: danger or oportunity. ¡Lets take the optimist way an lets put as to work!. If we think that roller hockey is going to die it certainly will do. I dont believe it, I work in Mexico for that, with a lot of adversity, but the adversitiy is surrendering with work. See, Mexico now is at the World Championship B. Next step is real development officially sponsored by Mexican goverment.

  5. You are totally right!! We must be optimistics but our leaders must help us to dream with a brighter future