Monday, January 7, 2013

All World invited for Australia Day Cup

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"From 25th to 28th January Victoria Roller Sports Federation, invite all roller hockey lovers, from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and all over the world to play roller hockey in the tournament Australia Day Cup. In the last years the roller hockey in Australia has reached a critical point, with lack of clubs, new young players and competition. To change this panorama this championship appears has a New Day in Australian Roller Hockey.

Skate Victoria Inc. is sponsoring the Australia Day Cup in January 2013 which will take place in the City of Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. SV is attempting to refresh Roller Hockey in Victoria and Australia by inviting more participation from past and new athletes to enjoy this beautiful sport. SV is attempting to have the Australia Day Cup open to any club in the Asia-Pacific rim or the World as it would be a great effort from foreign countries to attend and participate."

Victorino Rodrigues
Skate Victoria Inc.

Groups already arranged 

Group A
Mordialloc 2 (VIC)
Stafford 1 (QLD)
Dandenong (VIC)
Lisport (VIC)
Melbourne (VIC)

Group B
Stafford 2 (QLD)
Figjam (NZ)
Mordialloc 1 (VIC)
Skateabout (QLD)
Warrnambool (VIC)

As we know Australia didn't participate in last B Men's World Cup or Women's World Cup. 
Rolling Together hopes that all roller hockey community can help to avoid the critical point that our sport reached in Oceania, and the roller hockey community from this country can create an urgent plan together with national federation to promote roller hockey among kids (see Israel development plan example).