Thursday, April 18, 2013

A New Year for Dutch-Belgium Roller Hockey

Who says that Netherlands and Belgium don't have National Championship this year??

Once again the National Championship takes place in 7 different days:
.27th April
.16th June
.22nd/29th or 30th June
.24th, 25th August
.1st September
.29 september
.10 november

 This year will compete the follow 6 teams from Netherlands and Belgium:

-RC de Lichtstad    
-EHRC Marathon  
-RV Brunssum/VRC
-Kon. Modern SCW
- Zaanse Roller Club

This is a great opportunity to develop again our sport in such countries. European roller hockey needs urgent to have more young players from it.

Watch the Presentation

All info at:
Nederlandse-Rollersports Facebook Page

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