Friday, August 12, 2011

Right way to promote Roller Hockey done in Austria and Israel

Finally after some ideas also gave here on Rolling Together, CERH understood the right way to promote our sport and expand it in different countries than the traditional ones.

Thus, CERH sponsored the "YOUTH CAMP" realized in Villach, Austria, from 30th July to 4th August. As reported by CERH and Mundook website the training camp had the collaboration of the portuguese coach, Luis Duarte. Happily the Camp was a success and soon we would like to see Austria's progress.

Lucas Sorio
Israel follow the same way

Israel nationals teams set out and begin their journey to 2012 world championship.

From 12th to 26th August, with the help of Mr. Lucas Sorio a professional Spanish coach, Israel will start to prepare their national teams to world cups of 2012, and who knows also junior teams to europenan cups. The activity will happen at the new hockey rink constructed in Beth lehem aglilit. You can follow all this important news at

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