Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brands and Roller Hockey, two dead ringers

Flyer of Federal RHPL
Everybody knows that to play a sport there are necessary stuff to use...
In the case of Roller Hockey, the most important, that distinguish from other kinds of hockey are the rollers and stick.

Unhappily the brands of Roller Hockey stuff are not so spread by the World as we wish. Another problem to add is the price of all stuff. Roller Hockey is famous to be quite expensive, and one of the reasons is the production of almost all the quads and sticks in Europe, and not in China, like in other sports.

On the next list we can find almost all the brands that produce or sell roller hockey equipment:

Stuff that Roller One offered to Addiction RHC
One of the ideas to help this companies to sell their products in other countries would be the sponsoring roller hockey events/teams/players/federations.
Several examples are available:
  • The Federal Roller Hockey Premier League, that will happen in October in New Delhi, India. Federal is a company from Catalonia, and they are one of the main supporters of the tournament. 
  • Roller One (Portuguese brand) is supporting Addiction Roller Hockey Club from India, with stuff, and also French Federation.
  • Reno (Catalan Brand) sponsors Pinamar team (Uruguay), Hockey in Israel and Hockey in Mexico
  • TDV (Portuguese Brand) supports  English Federation and English National Teams.
It's very necessary to have an intensive relation between our sport and their stuff suppliers.
It is simple to conclude that if our sport grows up also the companies will grow, if he die, also the companies will die.

One more time entrepreneur is the base to know what is the better way to do this connection.
If you have ideas or more examples of this connection or other brands that are not presented here feel free to add a comment

Source of info:

If your Brand is not on the list send an email to rkh.xaral(at)

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