Thursday, May 3, 2012

1st Anniversary with a Funtastic Gift for You

In 3rd May 2011 I began with Rolling Together Blog!!
The main objectives of this blog were:
-Blog written in English with information all over the world
-Promote roller hockey activity in countries where it is almost an unknown sport
-Give ideas about good examples of promoting our sport
-Divulge problems that put in risk roller hockey in some parts of the world
After one year I think the balance must be positive.
More than 60.000 visits, from 105 countries!!!
Rolling Together have turned in an information source, about roller hockey actuality, for other websites.

I really hope each visitor had liked my blog, even with some mistakes, that somebody young like me sometimes do. I know that my English is not perfect, and sometime the fact that I've never been a roller hockey player, can harm myself. Also I have been really critic in some points (e.g. Mexico situation), what can put the image of this blog and myself in risk, although in my opinion this is the time to roller hockey fans assume their point of views, and fight by what they think it's right.

Because It's time to commemorate 1st Anniversary, Rolling Together promotes a Contest, where it will be offered a Roller Hockey Premium Stick, Azemad AZ-100 Special (details: thin wood stick and wider stick head 10º covered whith glass fibre), one of the best sticks of the World, used by some of the best players!!

To win this fantastic prize you just need to be creative and create something relating Rolling Together and Roller Hockey. Can be something like a video, a paint, a phrase, a song, a logo for our blog :) ... You are free to choose something you want!! The final winner will be choose by me. Of course the contest will be available for somebody from any part of the World.
Thus if you want to have this stick, send me your idea to until the end of May!!

Good Luck and Keep Rolling Together!!!!


  1. Hi Ricardo! just to inform and to update the above International Schedule 2012: CERS cup will be hosted in Bassano (Italy) by Bassano Hockey 54 (wich is also one of the four finalist). CERH European cup will be hosted by Lodi (Italy) by AS Lodi, one of the finalists. All info are shown by these teams websites!

    1. Thanks for the info :) Of course I already know. I'm fun of benfica also present in Lodi so I must know. But thanks to you I remember that I should update the info on my blog ;)