Sunday, April 29, 2012

Toy's Shop helps promoting Roller Hockey in Netherlands

Image of the stand in Intertoys
INTERTOYS Heerlen in Brunssum is helping the local roller hockey club, Rolhockey Club Brunssum, to recruit new youth members and to make a raise funding awareness.
In a country like Netherlands, where roller hockey is almost an unknown sport, this is a nice way to promote our sport along kids.

About this action, consists in:
When you buy roller skates or inline skates at Heerlen and Brunssum Intertoys, you get a free DVD about how to enjoy roller hockey!
Also with the DVD is a voucher to try roller hockey for 2 months in RC Brunssum! Also this promotion gives the opportunity to win a free roller hockey stick. To participate you just need to join the contest and submit the answers, which can be found on the DVD, on Tuesday evening from 19.00 h to 20.30 h in the Hall "Brunnahal" in Brunssum.

Roller Hockey staff
During this spring action of selling roller skates, Intertoys supports her sales and raise awareness playing the promotional DVD on a video screen.
More information about this promotion can be found on Facebook and on the rolhockeysite .

This is a new way of marketing on our sport that can be follow in other countries! The federations together with local clubs and shops are the best entities to stimulate actions like this, that can bring more children to play Roller Hockey!!

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  1. wow!! That's good now toy shop is also promoting inline hockey skates and ofcourse kids would love to take and play with these Roller Hockey.