Thursday, August 30, 2012

Politic Killing Roller Hockey Now in Argentina

Once again politic and politics appears as the Devil in our sport. Moreover the example from Mexico, now it's time to conflicts in Argentina's roller hockey. As many fans know roller hockey is more famous in Cuyo region of Argentina, including two provinces of San Juan and Mendonza. Thus after some problems, that Rolling Together doesn't want to detail because is a real Novel, some San Juan people created a new Argentinean organism for roller hockey, named Argentina Roller Hockey Federation (FAHP), representing only this two provinces. Although the Argentina Roller Sports Confederation (CAP) didn't agree with such act and ask to FIRS to not official this new organism. So since the creation of this new federation CAP only represents clubs from the other provinces, Buenos Aires, Entre Rios and Cordoba. Until now the things are very hot between two sides and seems like babies discussions, communicates from one side to other side. 
One of the episodes finished today with the suspension of one of the most important International Tournaments in Argentina "Daniel Martinazzo" (see the document on image above). On the edition of this year was confirmed the participation of two of the best clubs in the world, Barcelona and Amatori Lodi. Due to all this problems concerning FAHP and CAP international recognition, Spanish Federation and Italian Federation obligated this two clubs to not take part in this competition, or could be punished. Thus FAHP in the person of it president has decided today the suspension of this tournament.  There's no idea when and how this situation in Argentina will end and what the consequences.
Now what's the image of roller hockey after one more game with our sport?? 
What is the justification to the kids that were dreaming to watch some of the best players of the World in San Juan and Mendonza?? 
This are things that all this politics that doesn't think about the future of our sport, but only in personal conflicts,  must stop think RIGHT NOW.
If not our Sport will DIE Day by Day!!

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