Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roller Hockey the Unique Roller Sport not present in 2013 World Games

Roller Hockey will not be played in 2013 World Games of Cali
During last month the discussion concerning the presence of roller hockey in Olympic Games took place. Why such beautiful sport is not included since 1992?
Well, one of the requirements of each sport that wants to be part of Olympic Games, is the inclusion in World Games. This competition was created to give an opportunity to all sports that want to be "Real Olympics".
The next edition will take place next year in Cali (Colombia), and should be expected the inclusion of roller hockey.
As all hockey lovers know roller hockey is played in many clubs in Colombia, and the federation is doing an excellent job about hockey promotion, although taking a look on official website of 2013 World Games it's possible to conclude that simply roller hockey is totally ignored in this edition.

The other 3 FIRS sports (artistic roller skating, speed skating and inline hockey) will have competition, so the question is:  
"What's wrong with our hockey, one of the origins of FIRS???!!!".

Reading the history of our sport, the last appearance of roller hockey in World Games was in 2001, in Akita (Japan). There were until now 5 editions where roller hockey took place in a total of 8.  

List of Winners in World Games, Roller Hockey Competition (source: Wikipedia)

This is a good subject to ask each candidate of CIRH Head. What's the plan to include Roller Hockey in World Games? It will be possible to see roller hockey in 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland??

Don't Give Keep Rolling Together!!!!!!!

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  1. Noy only CIRH, but central comittee of FIRS we have to ask. It seems central comittee wants to put as out of game.

  2. FIRS is not working for our sport. Thats a fact!

  3. Maybe your problem is with the FIRS rep to the World Games. Maybe given a choice of real roller hockey and the Ice Hockey Wanabees, your rep is not willing to give into eliminating the ladder. Let's face it, your sport has more legitimacy. It's been around longer and doesn't use equipment from a like sport. It is Roller Hockey. Sorry, someone had to say it. Ohio.

  4. and so the saga continues..... thanks for killing a great sport