Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Roller Hockey Book-"50 Minuti di Gloria"

One more bible of Roller Hockey
Since the beginning of XX century that roller hockey started to write several pages of history.
Fortunately in last years some people started to transcribe all this history to books, something that wasn't done until nowadays. After the release of the Portuguese book "Campeonatos do Mundo de Hóquei em Patins-Contributos para a sua história", written by Fernando Castro, and edited by Despertar Memórias, now it's time for an Italian book about our favorite sport.

With the title "50' Minuti di Gloria", this amazing work was written by Paolo Virdi, and editted by Lodinotizie. This great work includes 2 Books, one from 1982 to 1996, and the other from 1997 to 2012.
The first book is available since September 2012, and since 8th March 2013 the collection is complete.
Although it is written in Italian this is a fantastic present for all roller hockey lovers all over the World.
You can buy each book for 16€ more shipping costs, or all books for 32€ more shipping costs on the follow website.

It is important to notice that one of the most famous roller hockey brand, Meneghini Hockey System supported this work.
And the question now is, when and from where will come the next Roller Hockey Book???

Even if some people like to ignore our roller sport, it history is bigger than this people!!!

Let's Roll Forever!!!

More info about the book at:
50' Minuti di Gloria Website
50' Minuti di Gloria Facebook Page

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