Sunday, February 24, 2013

Revolution in Roller Hockey World Organization

Participants of FIRS Congress (source: FIRS Facebook)
Yesterday, as expected, the Italian Mr. Sabatino was re-elected for 4 more years as FIRS president. The final voting was 151 votes for Mr. Sabatino, against 46 votes for Mr. George Kolibaba (from USA).
Concerning the vice-presidency, Mr. Armando Quintanilla, president of South America Roller Sports Confederation, was elected. With a very competitive election he won with a great "vote finish", with 81 votes against the 80 votes of Ms. Valery Leftwich (Australia).

But as Rolling Together reported last days, this congress was not only about elections... A very important subject was discussed this 23rd February. Thus from now, the CIRH organization and elections will change the format. The assembly will elect his director, who is responsible to present the candidates for each roller sports international committee.
After this presentation, it is the FIRS president who will nominate the president of each discipline committee including our CIRH.
It' is important to note that the candidates to director and other members must be supported by the respective federations.

U20 World Cup change again to Colombia

According to Colombian Federation website, it is expected to be official, this week, a ratification to give again the organization of U20 World Cup to Colombia.
In the first deliberation's opportunity of the FIRS congress, Colombian Federation by the voice of his president Alberto Herrera Ayala hold his protest, presented 15 days before, due to the decision took by CIRH president Mr. Harro Strucksberg, to change the organization to Germany (his country)
Mr. Ayala never accepted the decision of CIRH, confirming that in the next days FIRS will present and official letter. In his opinion this was an important result from the ordinary assembly of FIRS central committee, where Colombia got the restitution of his own rights.
Teleantioquia confirms that until now only Medellín and Barranquilla presented a candidature to host the World cup (watch the video).

Is Mr. Strucksberg alone in FIRS like in the photo?? (FIRS Facebook)
Harro Strucksberg against FIRS

Considering the information advanced by , Mr. Harro Strucksberg left the Congress room during the discussion of new FIRS Statutes. He is against the new statutes that according to him decrease the strength and independence of roller hockey from FIRS. Let's see how this story evolutes, and how will the actual CIRH president deal with FIRS power/interests, and of course the update about U20 World Cup...

PS: Will Finally FIRS support hockey, or just continue to worry about taking profits from television rights of the World Cup???

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