Sunday, May 19, 2013

Barcelona plays in Shopping Center

This time was Barcelona showing an awesome example, about what can be done to promote our Sport.
During one day, some of the best World roller hockey players went to a Barcelona's shopping center and played roller hockey with some young players.

Such a simple event can gives a lot of visibility to our sport.
It is more than time to Federations, clubs, players, coaches and brands get unified and promote our sport as it deserves.

Competitions like European League Final 4 must be broadcasted in some of the most important World Sport Channels. I'm sure with a good organization we could reach such an important goal.
Also the Angolan World Cup should have this opportunity. For example the 2009 World Cup held in Vigo and Pontevedra was broadcasted by Aljazeera sport channel.
Would be good to see them again promoting roller hockey.
Since the World Cup will be held in Africa for the first time a lot of efforts should be done to introduce our sport in other African countries. This is a unique opportunity to show roller hockey in Africa

I hope CIRH, CERH, and each competition organization can think about this, and copy promoting events as the one from Barça. A sport that has clubs like Benfica, Barcelona, Porto, Liceo, Sport Recife and River Plate should be in other step of development.

Let's hope that soon the responsible entities can change the way of roller hockey!!!

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