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Rolling Together visites RHC Basel

I still don't know how to skate, so I will not be the new star

Probably some of you doesn't know my name (Ricardo Henriques) and where I come from (Portugal).
For the first time ever roller hockey crossed my professional life. Since some weeks I started to work in Basel, and during these days I'm living in Bed&Breakfast accommodation.
In 1 to 10000 probabilities I am living with a Basel roller hockey player. Isn't it curious??
Thus, I was receiving some lessons of Basel roller hockey history, and also I was talking about international roller hockey with him. Concerning RHC Basel, Rolling Together reported 2 years ago the reappearance of this team.
RHC Basel got in 1985 it unique Swiss championship, being part of that team talent young players, where my host was also part of it. Althouhgt some years after in 1992 a tragic accident caught the team and most of the players got hard injuries. After this, the spirit and physic conditions to play roller hockey went away and the team stopped to play (luckily my host wasn't in that car, and still can play roller hockey).
However in this area of Europe still some important German teams that play roller hockey like Weil-am-Rhein and RHC Friedling kept the passion for this sport alive while Basel didn't have team.

RHC Basel prepares it final attack to NLA
RHC Friedling European polemic was good for Basel team
Some of you heard about the polemic situation between CERH and RHC Friedling last year: they were Swiss Champion and had the right to play European League, but since they were from Germany, CERH didn't allow such participation (Geneve conquer the right to play). Due to this the main sponsor of the team was very annoyed with CERH and Swiss Federation and gave up from Friedling hockey project.
Nevertheless the people and players from this successful team rise up and reinforced Basel Team. At this moment we can say that Basel has again and after so many years a very strong team prepared to fight for Swiss Championship in some years. 

Last Saturday, I went to see the practice and found a very international team with German (some of them from national team), Spanish, French and of course Swiss players. At this moment, they are disputing the NLB/NLA qualifying phase, with Uttingen, Dornbirn and Vordemwald, occupying the 2nd position which gives them the right to play the main Swiss League next year.

Welcome Back Home Basel
From now Basel will play at Home after 20 years
Until now Basel club had a big difficulty regarding the place to play since they were playing in Friedling rink and some times practicing in Weil-am-Rhein. Happilly recently they received a great news and from now they will start to play in it "Nest", the place were almost all 1985 Champions born to this sport:
Genossenschaft Rollschuh Sport Halle RSH.
I'm sure that playing at home they will get the support from Basel people and probably the young people would gain again, and after a long time, the interest to learn one of the best sports of the World. 

The plan for the next matches is already known, and if you live in this area don't loose the opportunity to see the final matches of NLB qualifying championship:

25-05-2013 18:00 RHC Vordemwald RHC Vordemwald - : -
RHC Basel RHC Basel

01-06-2013 17:00 RHC Basel RHC Basel - : -
RSC Uttigen RSC Uttigen

08-06-2013 17:00 RHC Basel RHC Basel - : -
RHC Dornbirn RHC Dornbirn

I really hope that big cities like Bern and Zurique could have also good teams in NLA soon, and sure more young teams could appear in Swiss hockey...

Discover RHC Basel story was such a good example that we can't give up from our passions and of course wouldn't be possible without such coincidence of living with this "skating family" :)
Now it's time to support Basel my new Roller Hockey team!!

All info about RHC Basel:
RHC Basel Website
RHC Basel Facebook Page
News Article about RHC Basel at
NLB/NLA info at

Watch the Video of Basel's last match agains Wimmis fro the 1/4 finals Swiss Cup (lost 3:2 on Golden Goal)

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