Sunday, July 31, 2011

52th All Japan Championships

Japan's Team on 2010 B World Cup
 Sometimes there are countries which is very difficult to find information about Roller Hockey. One of them is Japan, and the big reason is the language. Just with a big effort using a web translate, it is possible to know more about the activity there. As all the World knows, Japan was affected by a big earthquake and after a tsunami, that destroyed mostly the north part of the country. Like other sports also Roller Hockey suffer a lot with this tragedy.
Happily the competition didn´t stop and, one more year will be disputed the main Japanese Championship, the 52th edition of All Japan Championships, proving that Roller Hockey exists there since a long time.

Concerning the teams, there are no names confirmed yet, but usually Japanese Roller Hockey is based on teams coming from national Universities.

The place of the All Japan will be Nagano Riverfront

On the next link you can watch a brief video of the competition in 2007 at the same place

Roller Hockey Championships in Tokyo, the 27th (fully Otsuka) 

 Another important Tournament is coming on September, this one to be organized by Tokyo Roller Sports Federation. The next text is a translation of the letter that Mr. Mitsuo Ishii, President of the Roller Hockey Comitee wrote on it website:

Sponsored by

Roller Sports Federation, Tokyo


Japan Federation of Roller Sports Nonprofit

Date and time

September 19, 2011 (Mon) 23-9 (Fri) May 10, 10 (Mon) 23 • 12 Friday, February 11, 2012 (Sat)
With the number of teams may change due to ※


TSUKUBA Roller Stadium Link (Furukawa)


Organized by the Federation for Roller Sports athlete roster in fiscal 2011, Tokyo, roller hockey sports men and women in Tokyo League members

Registration fees

20,000 yen per team

How to apply

Federation to the Secretariat by fax an application form at Attachment Form (PDF6.74KB)
Fax 03 (3986) 2661

Application deadline

August 19, 2011 (Friday) until Pm6


Mizuho Bank branch Honancho
Normally No.3686176
Roller Sports Federation, Tokyo

July 10, 2011
Roller Sports Federation, Tokyo
Hockey Committee
Chairman Mitsuo Ishii

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