Friday, September 30, 2011

Argentinian Hell waiting for Portugal

Commemoration of Mozambique team yesterday
One more delicious day of Roller Hockey finished yesterday.
The quarter finals had a big surprising. The sensational Mozambique team, made did history again and defeated Brazil by 9-6, after being losng 2-6 at the half-time. After Angola surprise, Mozambique is for the first in semi-finals, where the tasks now to be in final just will be possible with a miracle.

Video of Mozambican Miracle

This time it will be Spain, World Champions, which are realizing an excellent World Cup until now. They had guaranted the place yesterday against Italy. The "squadra azure" with all it experient players wasn't enough good to beat the Spanish.

Argentinian commemorating one of the 12th goals
The other semi-final will be a delicious Argentina-Portugal.
Argentina won Chile for an imponent score, 12-3. One more time the Stadium" was full to watch the magical team.
Also Portugal with a perfect first time defeated France with a final score of 6-3.

Today all the cameras are focused in the Roller Hockey Classic Argentina-Portugal, and nobody knows what will happen. Argentina is spreading style always on the rink, but Portugal seems that is saving all energy to this phase of the World Cup.

Games for today (Argentina Time +4 UCT):

10,00: South Africa - USA
11,30 Netherlands - England
13,00 Switzerland - Colombia
15,00 Germany - Angola

16,30 France - Chile
18,00 Brazil - Italy
19,30 Argentina - Portugal
21,30 Spain - Mozambique

Which teams do you bet to see in Final tomorrow?????

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