Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who broadcasts the World Cup? The Problem of Wall Street Contract

Begins the World Cup. Everybody is waiting for this moment, and all over the World there's people that wants to watch Roller Hockey, but there's a big problem. There are no TV's transmitting all the matches. The contract with the Portuguese company "Wall Street" with FIRS gives all the TV rights to this company.

Somebody should change this because until now just 3 TV channels will transmit just the matches of Portugal, Italy and Argentina!!!!!!
A last email make me discover that also FIRS TV will transmit all the matches World Cup Matches like happened in U-20 World Cup.

 1. Argentina Matches

2. Portugal Matches

3. Italy Matches

 4. First Match and Any news about the others

5. All Matches

I will report more channels if I receive feed back!!

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  1. You can see all the matches on :