Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's TRUE, Belgium is rolling again Officially

K. Modern SCW in 1956 (source)
 K. Modern SCW plays in Dutch League

The Belgium club K. Modern SCW  (website: will play roller hockey again. A group of seniors started training for some months ago and now they asked to the organization of Dutch League if they can play in the competition next year. So hopefully in 2012 a Belguim roller hockey team is playing again on competition level.

 Not just seniors level plays Roller Hockey in Belgium

Other good news from Belgium is that a Belgium youth team will participate in a tournament (U13) in Eindhoven (RC de Lichtstad) on October 16.
The team is playing with the name “Brussels Stars”.  Other teams that will come to Eindhoven are RSC Wasquehal (France), Swiss selection (U13), VRC (Netherlands), Herne Bay United (England), IGR Remscheid e.V. (Germany), SC Bison Calenberg (Germany) and of course RC de Lichtstad (Netherlands)

These are two great steps to introduce again the Roller Hockey in Belgium, country that was for some years one of the best playing our sport.
This is just the beggining!!!
Let's GO Belgium, because Roller Hockey needs YOU!!!


  1. As far as i am concerned there are other teams stil playing rink hockey in Belgium like Rolta and Kurink
    We hope hardfully they do not quit.
    They should participate again in the european youth championships U-17 and U-20.
    We need belgium and netherlands in the world roller hockey scene.
    Regards from Portugal

  2. I think just Rolta still play but just the veterans. I hope also to see this as a new beggining to roller hockey in Belgium...

  3. Hi
    My name is Eduardo Picaporte from CP Alcalá, in Madrid.
    We are looking for veteran friendly matches or tournement at Belgium, preferibly Bruxeles.
    If someone is interested or know something please contact me at or
    Thanks a lot