Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aldo Baraldi returns to prepare the Montevideo 2012

Mr. Aldo Baraldi (source:Gazzetadimodena)
An amazing news for Indian Roller Hockey!!!
After some years without come back to India Aldo Baraldi was invited again by RSFI to be the national coach of our country.
As we know India have this year two important competitions to dispute, FIRS B World Cup (held in Montevideo), and the Roller Sports Asian Games (not decided the city yet).

The Italian newspaper Gazzettadimodena has reported that Mr. Baraldi is  traveling, at this moment, to Faridabad, where will be hosted the national championship. The plan is to select over 30 players to the first conduct training and to meet with the leaders of the Federation, and State Associations.
Thus Mr. Baraldi will be in India during a month with our players for an initial preparation.
After this first stage, the group will have other meetings that will require the continued presence of Mr. Baraldi in India to select the final fifteen players.  

About is curriculum, Mr. Baraldi belongs to the legendary team of Amatori Modena, which has won two national championships. At the end of his brilliant career, was coach, of players like Davide Malagoli, Andrea Pontiroli, and his son Massimo Baraldi.  
Once again his knowledge of hockey has convinced the leaders of India Federation to return. His work in India allowed an effective progress on the technical-tactical and excellent results in the international competitions. Aldo Baraldi, will be accompanied by his wife Joan.

This is the right way and it is an excellent news that RSFI had done this agreement with an International Coach which can bring new ideas to develop our Hockey. Like other countries as Israel this is an important partnership to prepare the 2012 Competitions.


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