Monday, January 16, 2012

Bet in Roller Hockey, possible in main Betwebsites

Some people condemns bet games, and the money/vices that each one moves. But we can' forget that nowadays, they are one of the main sponsors of sport clubs and federations, investing a lot of money on it. With Roller Hockey this investment still is not to much important, but year by year the quantity of Bet companies and the diversity of bet offers is increasing, concerning Roller Hockey. At this moment it's possible to bet in the follow websites, and respectivs championships:
Portuguese Championship
Portuguese, Spanish and Italian Championship
Portuguese, Spanish and Italian Championship

At this moment Rolling Together noted, that FC Porto is the unique Roller Hockey team sponsored by a Bet Company, Bet Clic, with a little banner on the tshirt.
Betclic logo on  Porto's tshirt (source of photo:a Bola)
Also for the first time ever in Vigo 2009 (FIRS World Cup), Bwin used the TV broadcast of all matches, for LIVE Bet's. This was an excellent form to promote this sport with people which probably didn't have any idea about the existence of this sport.

For the ones against this kind of companies think twice, and look for the rest of sports, in all of them you can find Bet Companies associated. Thus Rolling Together believes that is time to see the main Championship with more Banners of this companies, however this depends of Federations and Clubs interest.

One of the big lacks in Roller Hockey is Marketing and few Sponsors!!!


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