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New Rinks to be build in Argentina and Israel

The construction already started in Israel (israel blog)
One of the most important aspects to play Roller Hockey is the Rink.
There are several kinds of Rinks, one best than others. When somebody consider a Rink, must take care about the size, the lines, the kind of floor, if is indoor or outside...

Taking a look in the best Roller Hockey Championships you can confirm that is clarified that indoor rinks are the best, because you don't have problems with weather conditions, something that could be danger with the skates.
In other hand it is not proved which floor is the best. In Portugal, Spain and Italy there are wood and concrete floors.

The main reason to right this article it's not just about the type of rinks existing, but other really important aspect, the appearance of new Rinks.
All of us know that for example, in Football each year many Stadiums are built or rebuilt having better conditions. In Roller Hockey unhappily the things don't run so fast as football, but is possible to see some good news around the World. Was reported some days ago the construction of a new indoor rink in Israel
Actual conditions of the floor in Alumni rink  (
and the reconstruction of a new floor in an Argentinian rink.

About the Israel new rink it will be for Ramat Yishai Roller Hockey Club. After several years playing in a poor field-level asphalt rink,  and a lot of requests for assistance in the development of our sports, at the local and regional councils, they did it finally!!! At this moment the works are advancing and the new rink is being constructed. This will be one of the best in all Israel, and one of the few with roof.

In the case of Argentinian new floor it will be constructed for Club Atlético Alumni with an important support of National Government, represent by Sports Minister Adán Bahl. The total investment by the government will be around 40.000 pesos ($9.221), and will allow the substitution of the entire floor.
Alumni Young Players wait for this Gift

Like in most countries this kind of Works is just possible with the support of public entities like National Governments or Regional Councils.
Hope that these two examples could have continuation and bring more examples in other parts of our planet!!

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Interesting documentation and websites about rinks:
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