Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ecuador growing step by step

Ecuador team in the match of American Cup against Uruhuay (source:Fecapa)
Everybody likes good surprises and this time Rolling Together saved one just for our Fans. Who will imagine that at this time roller hockey was being played in Ecuador??
It's true, after some initiatives to introduce the sport, finally was possible the reappearance of a roller hockey club in this South American country. Probably most of you didn't register that in 2010 American Cup, hosted in Vic, Ecuador was one of the invited countries to dispute this tournament.

Even with the inexperience, they were there, learning with some of the best players of the world. At this time the national team was composed by the following players

Squad of the 2010 American Cup in Vic (source:Fecapa)

mostly of them, inline hockey players, supported by Catalan Roller Sports Federation to participate.
Riau RC (green) and Masters team (blue)
Although after this competition the majority of the player returned to inline hockey, forgetting the excellent opportunity that each of them had to play in an international competition.
Nevertheless there was a player that couldn't forget our amazing sport, Israel Mariduena. After another failed experience in 2007 U20 World Cup in Chile, in 2010 the things were different and Israel Madriuena didn't give up from our sport. Thus with the support from Ecuadorian Roller Sports Federation he went to train in Chile with a Spanish coach and after he suggested him to go into San Juan (Argentina).
As expected he developed his skills and the passion for our sport increased even more.

When he arrived to Ecuator he didn't want to play more inline hockey, so called some friends to play our roller hockey. With enough number of players was founded last year the Riau Rink Hockey. 

Match of Riau RC in Colombia
This club from Guayaquil, is the unique club at this moment in Ecuador, so due to this problem the oldest players from this country, with ages from 42 to 50 years old, were invited to play against them to improve the experience and competition. Furthermore last November 2011, the club traveled to Colombia where had participated in friendly matches against Colombian teams. Once again they learned a lot and had acquired more experience and knowledge for the future, keeping a good relationship with their neighbors (in the future it will be expected new matches)

At his moment, the team is proceeding the officiation, together with the Ecuadorian Federation.
Another important point is the begging of a young team with 6 kids, and one ladies team, with 4 players.

All this people dream with a presence in International competitions of 2012, like American Cup, B World Cup, and South American Clubs Championship.

An excellent example, showing that dream is not forbidden in Roller Hockey and there are a few good examples that persistence can win all the obstacles on the way of our Sport!!!! Now it's time to American countries support Ecuador with matches!!!

Visit the Facebook Page of Riau Rink Hockey 

Video of the match Catalonia-Ecuador for Copa America 2010 (by 9tv)


  1. Such a greate news :)

  2. Really!! Rolling Together is very proud to announce this :)