Monday, February 6, 2012

Hefei, China hosts 2012 Roller Hockey Asia Cup

Asia Cup Open Ceremony in Dalian 2010 (Dalian News)
After some doubts about the host city of the 14th Roller Hockey Asia Cup it was confirmed by Macau's Federation President, Mr. António Aguiar, that Hefei city, in China will receive this championship, in October.
After Dalian, two years ago also in China, CARS (Roller Sports Asian Confederation) nominated again a Chinese city as host city of the most important Asian roller hockey tournament.
Due to the lack of other applications to held the championship, this was the last option.

To remember that the last edition of this Championship happened in Taipei, just with the presence of 3 National teams in both genres, India, Japan and Taiwan. being Japan (men's), and Taiwan (women's) the champions.

Thus this is an excellent opportunity to do one of the greatest Asia Cup of last year, with the presence of more countries, than the last editions. At least, Roller Hockey fans are sure about the presence of Taiwan, Japan, India and Macau, but of course we dream with the presence of some more. For example Pakistan, where roller hockey proved to be alive during the last National Championship in December 2011. Furthermore, having China the opportunity to host the Championship, would be an excellent chance to have again a national roller hockey team. We can't forget that they are the second largest country power at this moment, and having  a sport without them in XXI century it's not good...
We can't also forget countries like South Korea and North Korea that for sometimes were also participating (North Korea was Champion for one time in 2001!!).
But of course, the success of this competition will be possible, just with a lot of work done by CARS, presided by Mr. Sheng Zhiguo. This competition will happen one month after the B World Cup in Montevideo.

To note that India is already preparing these two competitions, with the presence of an Italian coach, Mr. Aldo Baraldi.

Rolling Together wish that this competition can be a new beginning for Asian Roller Hockey

Source: Hoje Macau Newspaper
Asia Cup in Wikipedia


  1. If they want more teams to the Asian cup, they should consider inviting Australia and New Zealand. Australian roller hockey is in a very bad state and may not be able to field a team, but I'm sure New Zealand would be very interested in this competition.

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  3. Hey, where can i see live matches online or on t.v. Sitting in india..