Thursday, February 2, 2012

French Federation promoting Roller Hockey for Kids

CD cover (source:FFRS)
Because Rolling Together loves to promote the good examples which exist in our sport, this time, we talk about French Federation, FFRS. With an innovating program, the Roller Hockey Committee of FFRS, had published a CD, called by "Le rink  hockey à l'école." (The Roller Hockey in the School.). As the title says, this document has the goal to promote our sport in the schools near of Roller Hockey Clubs.
The Committee  has defined two main objectives:
1. Introduce the practice of Roller Hockey for more children, hoping the future grow of players.
2. Attract teachers to this sport and hope to see some executives to join the staff of sports clubs (one master teacher managing a group of children received a pedagogical training that can quickly make the necessary transfers to supervise a team of Roller Hockey).  

Watch a brief Video Presentation of the School Program
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The CD is composed by a part "Discovering Roller Hockey", with a presentation of the sport. 
The second part presents two teachers teaching at different levels (beginners and advanced). They were designed for the autonomy of the teacher in the conduct of its meetings. Any kind of qualification is necessary to start skating and therefore don't need permission of the hierarchy.

Discovery Offer 2012

Roller Hockey Committee also presented "DISCOVERY OFFER" to get new members aged under 13.
The information about this second initiative will be available in all Roller Hockey clubs, Region Committee and the Roller Hockey Committee in La Roche sur Yon.

The French Federation hopes that this two initiatives will allow the development of Roller Hockey and increase the number of Young Players. We can't forget that France will host in 2015 the World Cup!!!!

Source: Roller Sports French Federation

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