Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CIRH with new Circulares for 2012

Probably you don't know but the website of CIRH (Roller Hockey International Committee) turns public several documentation about our sport (rules, events, registration, letters...), written by the president Mr. Harro Strucksberg.

The website was updated last days with new information concerning:
  • Circular1-CIA – International Referees – Inscription 2012
  • Circular2-International Calendar-Date change of the "B" World Championship Montevideo 2012  (new 20th-27th Oct.2012)
  • Circular3-International Calendar Circular CIRH2/2012 – Change of dates of the “B” World Championship 2012
  • Circular4-11th Ladies World Championship 2012 – Sertãozinho, Brazil November 10th -17th
  • Circular5-Updated CIRH General Rules
These important documents show some updates about the events to take place this year.

For example on Circular 3 is written:
"Regarding the conflict with  the change of the dates (see letter of Macau and England) of the “B” World Championship that will be held in Montevideo CIRH can’t accept this change and has to search for other alternatives. The reason of the change was the information  received about reparations that have to be done to the Stadium in Montevideo."

On the Circular 4 is written:
"Today I received from Brazil the information  that they must change the venue of the Ladies World Championship from Sertãozinho to  Recife regarding financial  problems.We are unlucky with this situation but the important point is that the Federation can organize the 11th Ladies World Championship on the announced dates.
I know for some federations the change of  venue can be a problem in the case they booked the flights to Riberão Preto.
 So, please try to get an agreement with your travel agencies and in the case you have any kind of problem please contact CIRH and the Organizer to try to find a solution."

 Should be good if CIRH could improve the quality of it website to give more visibility to our sport.

Source: http://www.inf.fh-dortmund.de/rollhockey/circulares_2012.html

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