Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zona Hockey Patin the new Radio Program in Uruguay

Our amigos from Uruguay continue their efforts to develop roller hockey in this South American country.
After the idea of creating a radio to talk about roller hockey and transmit roller hockey matches in Argentina (radiopatinando) and Chile (radioarodar), at this time in Uruguay was created the first Roller Hockey Radio Program, Zona Hockey Patin, broadcasted at FM SEÑALES 88.9 (in Castellano) on Wednesday from 9pm-10pm..
You can talk to this program calling to +59843764711 or sending a message to +598096511642.

On each program will be possible to listen about the national actuality of Uruguayan roller hockey, and some information about International roller hockey. It's important to remember, that this here Uruguay will host the B Men's World Cup, in Penarol. 

Rolling Together wishes to continue listening this program during a lot of years, because will be connected for sure with the growing of this sport in this country.

Watch live video from FM SEÑALES 88.9 on
Watch live video from FM SEÑALES 88.9 on

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