Monday, June 11, 2012

Amazing Atmosphere in Portuguese Roller Hockey

One more season is getting close to finish in most European Championships. After FC Barcelona, Dornbirn RHC, Grimsby, Nofit and HC Dinan Quévert victories in Spanish, Austrian, English, Israeli and French championships, also 1ª Divisão in Portugal it's almost finding it champion. After another amazing and emotional "O Clássico" between the two biggest Portuguese roller hockey clubs, Porto and Benfica, the final result was 5-5. This result is favorable to the home team, Benfica, that can stop Porto's supremacy in Portuguese hockey in last decade. With one more point than Porto, Benfica will try to win Tigres de Almeirim on last journey, and assure it 21st Portuguese title. But the reason of this article has something about Emotion and Atmosphere in roller hockey, as happen in sports like football and basketball. Which amateur sport can have something like the next video??? This was the last Benfica's goal appointed by one of greatest Portuguese players, Sérgio Silva.


The celebration after was unique, and is an image about how special is this sport for a lot of people!! Although our sort can't have the same visibility, managers with the same perspicacity, and of course the same money  than the majority of other sports, has something special, some kind of mystique and passion. It is just because of this that roller hockey can't stop!!!

 Video with all the goals of the match



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