Friday, June 22, 2012

Roller Hockey Summer Camps the best Holiday Program to Young Players

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The current season in Europe is almost finished. After such an intensive year of competition  and training for young players, now it's time to enjoy holidays. What's the best solution for young roller hockey lovers?? Join Roller Hockey and holidays, and spend a nice time with friends. In almost all European countries where roller hockey it's played, is possible to find some Summer Camps. In this camps it's possible to play roller hockey, and learn with some savvy players/coaches. One of this examples comes from Newcastle, England where will be organized one of the Camps from 9th to 22nd July. In this case the Campus is organized by one of the many Catalan Clubs, PHC Sant Cugat. As the presentation website reports, the two main goals are the practice of roller hockey and the learning of English.
The Campus will be host in Northumbria University, and will be commanded by savvy players from OK Liga and Primera Nacional, Maiol Giralt and Ramon Gascón. Furthermore will be present several players from  Middlesbrough RHC (English Champion in 2010/11)
The Campus is appointed for boys and girls with ages from 12 to 17 years old. For example this activity has a price of 1900€ including the flight tickets, food, residence, english classes, roller hockey training and extra activities.

This example is only indicated for Spanish young players, but there are examples of camps indicated for young all over the world.If you have some suggestion send it to rolling together and we will present it 

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