Sunday, June 24, 2012

Provincial de Luanda started last 17th June

Provincial is organized by APPL (source: MundoOk)
One more Provincial started in Luanda, capital of Angola! In one of the best championships of this Continent once again Angola wants to prove why roller hockey is growing year by year, and is reaching an important position in Angolan sports panorama. During the next weeks this championship will be disputed by a total of 6 teams:
  1. Petro de Launda (2011 Championship)
  2. Académica de Luanda
  3. Juventude de Viana
  4. Benfica de Luanda
  5. 1º Agosto
  6. Kabuscorp do Palanca
There's any news about the disapearence of Hoquei 2000 and ASA club that last years had surprised with excellent results. We hope that this club had not finished. One year befor the A World Cup to be held in Angola (Luanda and probably Namibe city), has an important year to increase it level and promote roller hokey as never before.
Until now were disputed 2 rounds with the following scores:

1st Day 
Petro de Luanda 2-3 Kabuscorp do Palanca
1º Agosto W-L Benfica de Luanda (miss the match)
Juventude de Viana 4-4 Académica de Luanda

2nd Day
1º de Agosto 2-2 Petro de Luanda
Académica de Luanda - Kabuscorp do Palanca
Juventude de Viana - Benfica de Luanda.

Flyer of 11st Edition of Taça Zé Du (source:FAP)
11st Taça Zé Du
After Provincial, Angola will organize the 11th Taça Zé Du, in honor of Angolan President. It's expected one of the best editions ever, and likewise the last years, will be played by some national teams. Until now it's confirmed the presence of the home team Angola, Mozambique, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Germany. The competition will be host in Huambo from 23rd to 27th August or from 15th to 19th August (Angolan federation didn't decide yet because of it elections). The last edition was won by a World team against the Portuguese team Candelária Bom Petisco.
The next editions of this International Cup, organized each year in Luanda, will be held like this year out of Luanda. Huíla, Cabinda and Benguela are the possible candidate cities, and this is one more way to expand roller hockey in this country.

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Source of news:
Portal Angop (ANG)
Jornal O País (MOZ)

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