Friday, February 1, 2013

A New Begginning for Mexican Roller Hockey

Amazing, Maravilloso!!! After a long journey of polemics, confusions and discussions, roller hockey in Mexico has a new beginning. After 6 years since last appearance in B World Cup, Mexico repeated it last November in Canelones (Uruguay) where classified in 8th position. Unlike the polemic participation of a Mexican national team in 2010 Women's World Cup (Alcobendas, Spain), with inline hockey players against FIRS rules, this time FEMEPAR (Mexican Roller Sports Federation) supported a Mexican team composed mostly by real roller hockey players.
This was a great development, which meant that finally FEMEPAR is defending our sport.
It is confirmed that FEMEPAR and AHPM have a deal to include roller hockey in events organized by the federation like: National Championship, Inter-Associations Tournament and FEMEPAR Cup. The unique condition is that the players to compete must be affiliated to a local Association recognized by FEMEPAR. Also the events organized by AHPM will be recognized by FEMEPAR after so many years without an official acceptance. Result of this important deal is the autorization of FEMEPAR to all official events use it own rinks. All these news were already known by CIRH President, Mr. Harro Strucksberg, who was one of the most involved person to solve all this giant problem.

Hope For a Great Future!!
It is confirmed that in some days a youth team will travel to Texas state in USA, to play one tournament, what is also a great news.

Rolling Together is very satisfied to see a happy end for all this Novel, since we were really committed with this story. Now it's time to develop our sport and PUT ALL PEOPLE TOGETHER without more wars in Mexico. Promoting this example  in other countries, where roller hockey still has some politic problems would be a great idea. Hopefully this could be an inspiring story!!!

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