Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Space for Roller Hockey in next FIRS presidency??

Mr. Sabatino
After the application phase for candidacy for FIRS President and First Vicepresident has successfully been closed on January 23, FIRS  introduced to all the affiliated Federations the following nominations:

Candidates to FIRS Presidency  
·     Sabatino Aracu - FIHP (actual president)
·     George Kolibaba - USARS

Candidates to FIRS First Vicepresidency
·     Valerie Leftwich - Australia
·     Armando Quintanilla - Chile

Ms. Leftwich
Mr. Quintanilla
This important elections will be held next 23rd February 2013 at 10 am during FIRS Elective Congress in Rome in the Salone D’Onore del C.O.N.I., Foro Italico, Largo Lauro de Bosis 15.

Also there will be the FIRS Congress on the same day, with the proposal of the actual FIRS direction to change the FIRS Statutes.

This are important elections for the future of roller sports, and mainly to see if FIRS will start to support roller hockey or will continue with this strange politic, ignoring constantly our sport, comparing with other disciplines.

Also according to some sources, the new Statutes that Mr Sabatino and his Crew  are trying to approve, can put in risk the independence of each roller sport Committee (e.g.CIRH).

Rolling Together is waiting to see the results of this important elections, and possible talking between the present members. For example, we are imaging the conversation between Mr. Strucksberg, and Colombian Federation President about the U20 World Cup city.

 It will be possible to accomplish this entire day on FIRS TV Website.

Schedule (Italian Time, +1GMT):
9:30-  FIRS General Ordinary Congress: Broadcast test
10:00-FIRS General Ordinary Congress: President and Vice President Elections
14:30-FIRS General Ordinary Congress:FIRS Congress: Afternoon Session


  1. Wrong info! Or, if you prefer Harro's info.
    What is called "independence of Cirh" is the possibility given by actual rules to Mr Strucksberg to consider Spain, Portugal, Italy and Argentina "the minority" and other countries with few and unqualified hockey activity such as India, Australia, South Africa "the majority".
    That's why hockey is going wrong.
    With the new rules (quite difficult to be approved), the Firs president is not elected alone, but is elected with his own team (a president for every technical committee) to be known before the election. In this way we will have a true international federation and not five independent committees that works by themselves (... and Cirh doesn't works at all...).

  2. Great thanks for your answer Marcello Bulgarelli. Rolling Together is an independent blog that respect the right of opinion from all people. Of course you can have reason in some aspects, but we can forget that the actual roller hockey crisis was also result of roller hockey more powerful countries to forget about a plan to develop roller hockey in all world...
    It is necessary to mix both plans, in my opinion.