Sunday, July 3, 2011

Exchange programs, a good way to share Roller Hockey skills

As everything in life, concerning Roller Hockey there are better people playing it and other not so much, countries that are wonderful playing this sports, other that need to learn a lot...
Life is like that, and one of the best ways to accelerate the learning time is sharing ideas and knowledge concerning roller hockey.

This work has been done since sometime in countries where this sport is played.
For example a national coach that come from another country, as happen in Angola, Brazil, England, South Africa..
Jordi Camps, Josep Maria Barbera, South African Federation and players that took part in course/training session at APF

          Usually the main coach's exporters are Porugal and Catalonia. For example Catalonian Roller Sports Federation has an exchange program to send coaches to other countries to help the develop of roller hockey.

José Carlos with Al Dahklyea club from Egypt
Another example is the travel of some roller hockey coaches to other countries to teach how to play better. This happened last year in Egypt, when Mr. José Carlos went there for a week and gave new kwoledges to Egyptian players. This was very important before the participation in African Clubs Cup.

Portuguese and French players playing in Mexico
One more example are players that travel or went to other countries to work and are volunteers to play for teams existing there. A recent example of this, was the participation of two roller hockey players, Frederico Abrantes from Portugal, and Martin Babilotte from France, in a Mexican Tournament.
Also during the Brazilian Championship "Esport Clube Corrêas" had in their constitution three Portuguese that are living in Rio de Janeiro, and were invited to play for Corrêas side.

The last example is the travel of school or senior teams to other countries, where young players can share experiences with other players from different parts of the world.
Almost all the young tournaments are international, receiving also foreign teams.

Israel young team that played "Torneio dos Cerejinhas" in 2010
One good example was the participation of an Israel young team in a tournament in Madeira's Islands (Portugal). Israel people see this has one opportunity to improve it roller hockey quality and is confirmed that this year, again a young team from Israel will compete in a tournament hosted in Catalonia.

The part of the world where this exchange is less observed is Asia. Beyond Asia Cup, there's no more exchange activity. But a hopeful news comes from India and Pakistan, because for the first time, a Pakistan team will compete in an Indian national tournament, Federal Roller Hockey Premier League. Also the participation of the Argentinian club, Parana Rowing Club at this tournament seems like an excellent news to Asian Roller Hockey.

As the name of this blog says Rolling Together is fundamental to improve the quality of our sport, and spread it in other countries. So if you are a coach, a player, a fan, when you travel/work in other region, think before to contact possible roller hockey clubs or players to teach, learn or just play there for a while...

Roller Hockey needs your help!!!


  1. I totally agree with Xaral comments; I stayed for 12 days in Cairo helping the Champions and they have collaborated and engaged very well in all sessions and as result, they were able to improve their participation on last African Cup.

    At same time, I have received an invitation from India, which I'll respond at beginning next year.

    I really like to help other countries and teams on improving their skills and techniques and I do all this only because I love Roller Hockey!!

    I would like to invite other coaches and professionals to do the same and the rewards are huge, not only at an individual level, as well as locally and among all players and participants.

    I wish all the best to Xaral and to his initiative, hoping that this instrument (blog) will diffuse, support and expand our sport; we don't need to wait for CIRH's, FIRS's and other official bodies, we can do it without them, this is what I call "own resources"!!!

    Best regards

    José Carlos

  2. Great thanks for your support Ze!
    You are one of the examples that our sport has a lot of people which love it...
    It's really great that news about India :)
    One idea should be the creation of a database in internet where coaches and players could put their availability to trainee or play...

    About CIRH's and FIR's of course we can work without them but a sport without a good federation is almost nothing. They are the people which can fight for the re introduction of roller hockey in Olympic Games...
    As I say we should roll together!!!