Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Uruguay Championship Officially Real!!!!

Logo of participating teams

After some years without official championships, Uruguay it's prepared to roll again. Sponsored by National Federation, it will start this weekend, during 16th and 17th July, in Montevideo, Uruguay Capital.
Like in other countries of the world (e.g. Netherlands) the competition will be host by the different teams that will play almost weekly.
Another important aspect is the inclusion of school bases championship, U-9, U-12,U-15, and women's championship.

A total of 7 clubs are registered to play the biggest Uruguayan competition of last years:
Distribution of teams in Uruguay that will play
  • Albatros from Maldonado
  • CESOPE from Montevideo
  • Platense from Montevideo
  • Golden Wings from Maldonado
  • Pioneros from Flores
  • San Lorenzo from San Jose
  • Pinamar from Canelones

The first team to receive the championship will be CESOPE (Centro Social Peñarol) in Montevideo.

The last official Uruguay Champions was Platense, that won in 2008 the Uruguay League (previous Uruguay Championship).

This is a great news to Uruguay Hockey, after so many problems in other years.
All this was possible mostly due to a big effort done by all clubs, that wanted to Roll Together.  Now it's possible to believe that Uruguay has a way to roll and reach a better future.

I hope to receive all results, news, videos... of this Championship that the Roller Hockey Lovers will follow for sure, with enthusiasm.

Future of Uruguayan Hockey lives here

Rolling Together... the better way to play 
Roller Hockey!!!!!

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