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USA National Championships from 9th to 15th of July


 The best time of US Roller Hockey is arriving these days. As Roller Hockey fans know, is difficult to big countries like USA, Brazil, India... keep competitions during one year, due to big distances, and trqansport costs.
So the National Champions are decided during a one week competition.
Next days, Salt Lake City, Utah State, will host the 51st edition of the US Championships. Last year, Olympia Warriors conquered it 9th Championship (also won in 2008, 2009). It's easy to observe that this club, from Washington State, had dominated the competition, in 10 years won 6.

It's good to see teams coming from all parts of USA, since Alaska until New York. For one sport like Roller Hockey (Rink Hockey in USA) is difficult to have some relevance against the most important as Basketball, American Football, Baseball and Ice Hockey, but there's a lot of people which don't give up and love this sport.

Thus there will be represented the following 12 teams, from 9 States:
Distribution of represented States at US Nationals
Washington: Olympia, Bremerton, Burlington
Texas: Decatur, Lubbock, San Angelo 
Utah: Salt Lake City
Maryland: Cumberland
Arkansas: Fort Smith
Pennsylvania: Boyertown
Alaska: Anchorage
New York: Utica 
California: Merced 

The clubs that will compete in Salt Lake City Champs are:

Divisions and Teams

PeeWee                      Midget                       Freshman                  Junior
Decatur, TX               Salt Lake City, UT     Decatur, TX               Olympia, WA
Olympia, WA             Olympia, WA             Bremerton, WA          Cumberland, MD
Lubbock, TX              Decatur, TX               Boyertown, PA          Lubbock, TX
Salt Lake City, UT     Cumberland, MD       Olympia, WA             Bremerton, WA
                                   Bremerton, WA          Lubbock, TX              Decatur, TX
                                   Fort Smith, AR

Ladies                        Bronze                       Silver                          World Class
Salt Lake City, UT     Anchorage, AK          Bremerton 1, WA       Salt Lake City, UT
Bremerton, WA          Merced, CA               Lubbock, TX              Olympia, WA
Anchorage, AK          Olympia, WA             Cumberland, MD       Cumberland, MD
Olympia, WA             Decatur, TX               Bremerton 2, WA       Bremerton, WA
                              Salt Lake City, UT         Olympia, WA             Utica, NY
                              Bremerton, WA              San Angelo, TX
                                                                 Anchorage, AK

                        Divisions                  Teams            Games
                        World Class                 5                      10
                        Silver                          7                      21
                        Bronze                        6                      15
                        Ladies                         4                      10
                        Junior                         5                      10
                        Freshman                    5                      10
                        Midget                        6                      15
                        PeeWee                       4                      10

                        Total                           42                    101

To refer that this competition will serve as selection and preparation to next American team to dispute the FIRS World Cup, next September in San Juan, also the young team to the U20 World Cup in Barcelos, Portugal, and who knows if woman are going to Brazil to play American Cup...

Let's Roll United States!!!!!!!

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