Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CERH Women's Euro 2011

Spain defeat yesterday France (source: FEP Press)
Unfortunately Women's Roller Hockey haven't been reported until now in Rolling Together.
To change this situation we can't forget about the Women's Euro Cup that started yesterday in Cronemberg, Germany.
There are 5 national teams present in this competition: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland (It's more than time to CERH wake up and change this situation). Last edition in Dinan (France), Spain won the title.

The results of yesterday were:

France 1-4 Spain
Germany 7-3 Switzerland

The next matches will be (Portuguese Time + 0GMT)

17h Switzerland-Portugal
18:30h Spain-Germany

17h Switzerland-France
18:30h Portugal-Germany

17h Spain-Switzerland
18:30h Portugal-France

17h Portugal-Spain
18:30h France-Germany

All the matches are broadcasting, once again by Plurisport at:

Rolling Together with Women's

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