Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sertãozinho HC won Brazilian U20 National Championship

EC Corrêas and Fortaleza EC Teams (source of photo Hóquei Brasil FB)
During the last week (12th till 15th October) , the city of Sertãozinho, in São Paulo State, Brazil, hosted the Brazilian U20 National Championship.
The Championship was played by 4 teams coming from 3 different states in Brazil:
  1. Sertãozinho Hóquei Clube (São Paulo State)
  2. Esporte Clube Corrêas
  3. Fortaleza Esporte Clube (Ceará State)
  4. Clube Internacional de Regatas (São Paulo State)
Internacional de Regatas Team (source of photo Hóquei Brasil FB)
The format of the tournament was first, group phase, where all teams played against each other. After concerning the classification there were the semifinals and yesterday the final and 3rd place match.
The final was played between Sertãozinho HC and EC Corrêas. After a score of 2-0 for EC Corrêas, the young from Sertãozinho, playing at home, didn't give up and change the score. The final result was 3-2, and the trophy stayed at home, for happiness of host team.

Setãozinho HC  (source of photo Hóquei Brasil FB)
In the match for the 3rd place Fortaleza was stronger,winning by 6-5 against Internacional de Regatas. Although they were declassified because didn't apply the rules of the tournament, using two players with 20 years old (The ages was just until 19 years old)

Unhappily any team from Pernambuco State had attended to the Championship. Recife is the city with much Roller Hockey teams in Brazil, 3 in total, but due to financial problems was impossible for them to travel. According to the president of Brazilian Federation, Mr. Moacyr Junior, they saved the money to participate in South American Club Championship, to be held in Recife, from 29th November to 3rd December more info here.

All Results:
12-10 Internacional 2x2 Corrêas
12-10 Sertãozinho 6x1 Fortaleza
13-10 Internacional 9x0 Fortaleza
13-10 Sertãozinho 2x5 Corrêas
14-10 Fortaleza 1x7 Corrêas
14-10 Sertãozinho 5x4 Internacional
15-10 Internacional 5x6 Fortaleza
15-10 Corrêas 2x2 Sertãozinho

Was agreed by the present teams that 2012 Brazilian U20 National Championship will be held in Fortaleza.

Also other important competition will be hosted in Brazil, the Women's American Cup, to be disputed in Sertãozinho, from 7th to 12th November.

During the competition Moacyr gave an important interview to, talking about the actual Roller Hockey problems in Brazil. Watch it under (in Portuguese)

It's very important that Roller Hockey entities can express their opinions, because as we know there's a big lack of media promotion of all work done for Roller Hockey all over the World.

Roller Hockey needs SAMBA FLAVOR

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