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The Scandal of Mexican Roller Hockey (English Version)

Francisco playing his favorite sport
One of the main goals of Rolling Together blog is to present the reality of Roller Hockey in countries that aren't in the first line of the sport.
Nothing better to start with interviews on the blog, than ask all the problems that Mexican Roller Hockey Lovers are suffering to play one of the best sports of the World.

Our first guest is Francisco Javier Cortes Cruz, the President of AHPMAC, Agrupación de Hockey Sobre Patines de México (Mexican Roller Hockey Association).

Rolling Together- Dear Francisco, I must begin asking you, to introduce our visitors about actual state of Roller Hockey in Mexico, explaining all the "official" structure of the sport in your country.
Francisco Cruz- It is a pleasure to find me with you dear Ricardo. I am grateful include like topic of international interest given the circumstances of Roller Hockey to us in Mexico.
The official structure since you mention it, consists of the following form:
An association for every federative entity or the State of the country (32) the one that is named an association of roller skates of … (name of the state) AC which lodges to the local clubs that theoretically the number of clubs must be legalized properly like civil associations (AC) by the state is unlimited, which one will have to have local activity and realize your own state championship to define its state selections for competences in national level in the different forms of the skate, same that are defined by the maximum national organism of the skate that is the Mexican roller sports Federation BC (FEMEPAR) which one is the manager of directing the national skating, promoting and trying that spread 4 specialties of the skating in the state associations.

RT- When did the problem with FEMEPAR (Mexican Roller Sports Federation) begin, and why? Before this, FEMEPAR lead of Mr. Ordonez, Roller Hockey was supported by the Federation?
FC- The problem in Mexico began long time ago, when the inline hockey began to take force and popularity. Two disciplines were practiced in entire disorder and without control of the implements to be used for each one. There were national championships with a strange miscellany of players of inline with hockey players skate. Mr. Roberto Ordoñez was the president of the Association of National Polytechnic school (IPN), where from he was impelling very loudly to the inline hockey, since its two children were practicing it and also they it were right. For its political attributes and its economic power it achieved positioning like president of the FEMEPAR where from now, it would do all the possible from supporting and impelling the sport of its preference, the inline hockey, leaving roller hockey and other disciplines as secondary sports. He hardly was granting guarantee for international competitions unless to maintain the legal right of the discipline opposite to FIRS, he had to send some team to cover the requisite.
In the year 2004 there came to our country Mister Guillem Halcón Ciurana, Catalan originated from Reus Ploms, and came to the city of Puebla, where there met the vice-president of Roller Hockey of the FEMEPAR mister Gabriel Sánchez Gómez, who also was and he keeps on being a president of the association of skates of Puebla AC, with whom it initiated a good relation of friendship and sport. This Mr. Sánchez had a hockey club skate, called Vikings to the one that integrated and played like doorman one or two periods in the local tournament. Mr. Hawk, it worried as it was always characterized, began promoting that one was giving us the opportunity to play on a global scale since he was finding good quality in the Mexican players. For his insistence Mr. managed to convince the Vice-president. Sánchez who was requesting himself guarantee to compete in the FIRS B World Cup of Uruguay in 2006. One managed to interview with Ordoñez and speak until high hours of the night, between drinks and friends, to achieve that there was assigned Hawk as national trainer and the guarantee was happening to compete in this world cup.
The selection process began and there were named the 10 best players, who to eyes of the national trainer and of vice-president Sánchez were considered to be the best. One worked really a very little time, without preparation out of Mexico, without friendly games abroad, even without economic funds since Ordoñez and the FEMEPAR only contributed something like 3000 euros and the players had to pay its expenses. There was registering neither for the Mexican sports authorities, nor even national flag nor the CD of the national anthem. The players together with the trainer came to the world cup of Uruguay in the year 2006, bringing from return a good 6th place. The goals were achieved, and it was a stimulant for many that we entrust in Hawk and the players of these years. The first comment of Mr.  Ordoñez, on the return, was … “do not believe that they will go out again … they will not go to Johannesburg to the world cup of 2008 …” the cause we did not know it, it even bothered us very much. The vice-president allowed to Guillem Halcón it will continue its work and it was doing selection again, to which it was including younger players like presorted, in addition to summoning ages children of up to 13 years to do infantile national team and to be able to lead her to playing some places in South America and Europe where invitations were already had. For this moment there was already certain incompatibility level between Ordoñez and Hawk. In the national hockey championship skate in the city of Tlaxcala there was reached the maximum infantile participation of the history in Mexico, overcoming in number the inline hockey and was the last one.
The problem exploded when a trainer of the Federal district had the bad intention of blackmailing some children who were taking part in the selective infantile one and its trainings, them threatening that if they kept on informing in Roller Hockey them would veto of the inline hockey and would fine them economically, since these children also were practicing inline hockey. The parents of the children warned the trainer Halcón and this one in turn to vice-president Sánchez and to the same Ordoñez, from whom only it received roastings and up to insults. The end of the discussions, for being true or it is not done, they gave as there proved the dismissal of Hawk as national trainer. In this moment it initiated the conflict and the separation of the FEMEPAR of the hockey skate. All the players we were expelled with tricks of the different associations of the country, some by solidarity with Hawk, and others because Mr.Ordoñez was arranging it. . For Mr.Ordoñez this was the best pretext to got rid of the hockey since for ages he has felt a deep scorn for him, arguing whenever it is a sport that should disappear.
Infinity of arguments not to maintain the players in the tracks had happened, in all the associations, facts appeared always to intimidate the players using the big Ordoñez power not to get with him. The sportsmen wanted only to play, and from this moment a national coach never named the FEMEPAR, and it prohibited all the associations presidents to spread and to promote the roller hockey for the following years up to the current date.
The players we met all events had decided to found a civil association named AGRUPACIÓN DE HOCKEY SOBRE PATINES DE MEXICO AC that it has happened for infinity of difficult moments, but that to the date we still keep on promoting and practicing the roller hockey.

RT- When was the last "official" Mexican National Championship, and participation of a "real" national team in FIRS or CSP competition?
FC- The last national championship that was realized in Mexico, was in May, 2007 in the city of Morelia, Michoacán, where Mr. Hawk was forbidden.
The last event, where there was a selective hockey national team was in Uruguay 2006. The South American Confederacy of Skate invited us in the year 2008, for friendship with Hawk, nevertheless it was not endorsed by FEMEPAR. We were like AHPM AC.

RT- How did you see the participation of a Mexican Women's team in last edition of FIRS Women's World Cup in Alcobendas (Spain), last year?
FC- Since my opinion might not express it in this space, it is very strong since there turned out to be involved many people, who was in a way without exit, since some of them were roller hockey players in rupture with FEMEPAR they decided to keep playing only inline Hockey. Although its alma keeps with roller hockey, and even I know some of them. I believe that the worst of this participation so tricky and full of an unworthy political load of a president of federation the trick has been for the rest of the world, for the rest of the feminine selections, with real hockey players skate, who practice it and estimate because they were prepared for this event, and the fact of showing to eyes of the whole world that Mr. Sabatino Aracu, Mr. Roberto Marotta, and all the members of the executive Bureau of FIRS knew clearly that it would happen and allowed it simply for friendship with Ordoñez.
This feminine selection of Mexico in alone September, 2010 was a step so that FEMEPAR was not losing the right to possess a discipline that he does not promote, does not have, he is not interested in, and that with it was preventing the AHPM AC from obtaining its place as new member of FIRS in the following congress of Portimão, Portugal on December 3, 2010.

RT- All this tricks played by FEMEPAR, were reported in Mexico sometime, for a newspaper, or just Roller Hockey lovers knows about this.
FC- In the beginning of our problem only a political magazine was interested and published, nevertheless in Mexico the hockey skate at least one does not even know since the FEMEPAR has been in charge of killing to this discipline of the skating.

RT- Do you have some strategy to stop this atrocity against our sport?
FC- I believe that the biggest misfortune for the sportsmen and for the roller hockey, it is the corruption, and it is an evil very difficult to finish, nevertheless I think that there will be always alternatives, and better and more powerful is to work, and keep roller hockey alive. To promote it, to practice it, to spread it especially in children, to sow the seed that later than fruit. In Mexico this is very difficult, but it is not impossible. 

RT- We know that CSP consider Catalunya to participate in Copa America as a country, even if the federation is not recognized by FIRS. Did you talk with Mr. Armando Quintanilla sometime, trying the participation of a Mexico team in Copa America, with an non-official Federation?
FC- From the beginning of our problem Mr. Armando Quintanilla never wanted to interfere sufficiently, I believe that its political position does not allow him to go against the orders that he receives. We come in 2008 to play the South American clubs championship, and from there one never returned us to invite. Recently we request formally an affiliation to the CSP as it is the case of the Catalan Federation, and they did not even have the amiability to answer. Having realized the America Cup in Vic, Spain last year, I believe that it has them quite busy.

RT- Let's talk about local competitions in Mexico now.
How many teams and players do you estimate existing in your country at this moment?
FC- At present we have record of few teams, which regrettably every time are less in category a senior, but we can say that they are replaced for infantile. Category Senior, distributed in the whole Mexico we have about 15 teams, and infantile approximately 8 or 10.

RT- Can you tell us about your championships? Do you have a National League? Which teams participate?
FC- The AHPM AC competes with certain frequency during the year, and more or less in October or November of every year we realize the CHAMPIONSHIP MEXICO OF ROLLER HOCKEY, from which the champion of our country arises. Tournament is realized from February until December, in its different categories and assembling teams of San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, the State of Mexico, It populates, Federal district, Taught Baja California.

RT- We can't forget the future of Mexican Roller Hockey, of course I mean school bases. Do you have also young competition?
FC- Initially the categories were had covered infantile and Novice monk, nevertheless sometimes the despondency of the people has provoked that players lose, what again we have taken this segment shortly to set it to work. In Cove Baja California, one is employed very well at this category, at the Federal district, at Querétaro, and at Puebla. Possibly shortly they will have news about this categories and will see very good small players.

Image of a Rink with agreement of Mexican Entities
RT- All the activity is concentrated just in Capital, or it is in all Mexico?What about infrastuctures?
FC- Principally the activity of roller hockey is in the center of the country, like Tlaxcala Populates, Federal district, nevertheless now we have also proposals of San Luis Potosí, Querétaro and Cove Baja California.
Regrettably the facilities are not so good, since there has managed a model that many states have copied without having the knowledge of how to build a roller hockey rink, and I refer that all of them are outdoors.There are no roofed tracks, with cement rails, and in slightly strategic places, without maintenance of any type. But this is the model that the FEMEPAR has contributed for all Mexican rinks of the country. Last constructed, it is that of the city of Puebla, with a track of 40 for 20 mts, outdoors, with rail and surface of polished cement. The same that it does not expire with the international norms for events of high level as it was mentioned in its opening.
RT- I saw that you have some foreign players in some teams. How do they see Mexican Roller Hockey?
FC- Since they have been young players of big clubs of Spain, of France, of Portugal, of Argentina, which have had the opportunity to realize the abandonment that is had for this sport, they comment on all mexican players that they are very good players, but with these facilities and without international competition, it is not possible to increase its level. They have come to reach port very much, and I am grateful to them for this way to all.

RT- Concerning the international panorama of our sport can you tell us a brief opinion of it? Do you follow Roller Hockey all over the World?
Sure that we continue to see, what happens in the world of the roller hockey, and what I see with many sadness, is the fact that there's a lot of people not interested in the competition and the coexistence between the players of the whole world.Besides this the most important thing is the economic part and the profit that it generates. I believe that the most delicate and deplorable part of our sport is the people who is part of the leaderships in the national federations, and that everything moves for friends and good relations between these leaders. I believe that one looks very much for the power that these charges generate to be able to place the personal taste in the lineaments of every sport of the hockey. Very few takes into consideration what it could spend with the sportsmen and with the sports, while I generated utilities and is convenient to the interests of the federations. The part that can't fail so far, is the part of the promotion and practice, that is to say, for statute they are forced to promote the disciplines of the roller hockey, and if they do not do it must allow who do it to be able to compete, and there the problem comes. If they are friends of the president, or they it are not, it will be the result of the future of this sport.

RT- To complete, how do you imagine the future of our sport in Mexico, and in the World? When do you preview a Mexican National Team to play in an Official Competition again, and Roller Hockey in Olympic Games? 
FC- In Mexico the things will never be good while the mentality of the one that FEMEPAR directs does not change, and the people have been very injured, not only in the roller hockey, but in all the disciplines. The Mexican Roller Hockey will never die, because always there will be someone who wants to put a pair of skates and play it, and while the AHPM BC exists, hardly it will disappear. The growth will not be so good as it would be if the governmental support was had, but we are going to achieve it. On a global scale, I believe that they will not manage to finish with this beautiful sport either, since there are many people who estimates it and teaches small players. In the countries it promotes, there is many school, and this will give him world permanence.
Mr. Ordoñez has threatened that in 3 years will do the same again of Alcobendas, Spain, and I believe that if the AHPM BC promoter of the hockey does not manage to be recognized by FIRS like the only organism of Roller Hockey in Mexico, again we will see Mexico again in an offensive and denigrating official competition for sportsmen, judges, organizers, and in general for the whole world of the roller hockey.
I believe that the problems of interests and the scorn in the hockey it will prevent from considering it as Olympic, and more with awful work that the federations presidents do to promote these sports disciplines.

With them team Friends of Puebla Club
RT- Great Thanks to Mr. Francisco that deserve all our support, due to his big fighting against people that just want to kill our Sport.
FC-In Mexico I have done my commitment with roller hockey, and with which I represent, and I will not rest until the players are respected and we are allowed to demonstrate that we can play roller hockey. The corrupt people and who only has allowed outrage and unworthy attitudes, sooner or later will receive what corresponds to him.
Dear Ricardo receives a hug.

Rolling Together with Mexico!!! 


  1. I think there are many pieces of the puzzle missing here,,, and that includes the local goverments at many levels

    1. Efectivamente faltan innumerables piezas de este rompecabezas, pero muchas de ellas sería muy difícil decidir exponerlas a la opinión pública. Especialmente los actos de corrupción detectados tanto en FIRS como en FEMEPAR y que solo con mucho dinero y buenas influencias en el TAS se podría enfrentarlos.

      México tiene hockey patines. México juega hockey patines. México desea jugar con todo el resto del mundo, pero a travez de la AHPM A.C. con reales y verdaderos jugadores de hockey patines y no simulando un equipo para aparentar lo que no son y no tienen. A la vista de todo el mundo sucedió, en Alcobendas y el nivel técnico de las jugadoras de inline no les fue suficiente para convencerse que ellas no eran jugadoras reales de hockey patines. Posiblemente alguna vez lo jugaron, pero no lo practican regularmente como lo hacen todos los afiliados a la AHPM A.C. y sus diferentes escuelas que ahora tenemos en todo México.
      Lo peor es que parece que repetirán la infamia que nadie podrá detener, y ahora lo harán con los varones en Montevideo, Uruguay. Y saben que pasará??? NADA¡¡¡¡ Al Sr. Aracu no le molestará esta situación de APARENTAR, al Sr Marotta tampoco le molestará, y al Sr. Harro lo harán ver como un dirigente débil, que permite ello, pero deben saber que él no puede hacer nada ante la corrupción y la protección de FIRS para la FEMEPAR. El Sr Harro hace todo lo posible por reconciliar a los jugadores con sus Federaciones, pero las Federaciones son las que insisten en impedir el desarrollo de los deportes del patín, y transgreden flagrantemente los estatutos de la misma FIRS rechazando Asociaciones nuevas solo por proteger a estos presidentes de federaciones y por miedo a darle voz y voto a quienes les pueden derrocar de la silla presidencial y por ende quitar el poder de FIRS. Ya veremos que harán cuando Jackes Rogge les pida cuentas.

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