Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Dream comes True in India

After a great job of the organization, finally the skates can start to roll in Delhi.
During one week the 1st Roller Hockey Premier League will be held in Punjabi Bagh Club.Organized by ROLLER HAWKS, in last months since Rolling Together published an article about it (30th May), a lot of Marketing was done.

To note that the dates of the event were changed, because was previewed to start, on last week.

The competition started yesterday with the following schedule:

Roller Hawks vs Deccan Hawks B seniors 9-00am
Skatelanders vs U.P seniors 10-00am
Roller Athlete vs Deccan Hawks A seniors 11-00am
Stallions vs Police sports sangrur seniors 12-00pm

Lunch Break 1-00pm - 3-00 pm

Team toppers A vs CRJ sub juniors 3-00pm
Roller Hawks vs Team toppers B sub Juniors 3-30pm
Roller hawks vs Alig Strickers Juniors 4-00pm
Ryan Jawzz vs Deccan Hawks Juniors 5-00pm
Addiction club vs Classoc Boys Seniors 6-00pm
Kurukshetra Warriors vs Amritsar rollers Seniors 7-00pm
Khalsa Rollers vs FGS club Seniors 8-00pm
Alig Strickers vs Rajasthan Seniors 9-00pm

It is expected, according with organizaton the broadcast of some matches in internet

Watch live streaming video from rhpl at

All details about this Championship on:

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