Thursday, December 29, 2011

Forums, Facebook and Chats to talk about Roller Hockey

Because Internet is an essential way to promote roller hockey, and one of this ways are discussions, Rolling Together write here, most of all sites/groups, where is possible to talk about our Wonderful Sport.
These places are available in several languages, so it is not a barer nowadays as in the past.

  1. Pelo Hóquei Patins Facebook Group (Portuguese/All Languages)
  2. OK Chat (Portuguese)
  3. Forum le Rink Hockey Moderne (French)
  4. Forum solohockey (Spanish) 
  5. TalkRollerHockey (English) 
  6. Skatelog Forum (English) 
  7. USA Rink Hockey Forum (English) 
  8. Hockeypista Forum (Italian)
  9. Forum HoqueiCat (Catalan)
Roller Hockey needs your opinion!! Don't be ashamed to talk about Roller Hockey!! 
Happy 2012!!!!


    1. Tks Xaral!

      I'll be in contact with everyone on all these websites.

      Happy New Year for you and your family and many thanks for your dedication, support and help to ourlovely game.

      Roller Hockey Forever!!!!!

      Big hug,

      Zé Carlos

    2. Obrigado pelo apoio Zé!!
      Votos de um bom 2012 para ti também. Fica À espera de novidades do hóquei Africano ;)


    3. Nice site here. If any of the players/coaches are looking for drills or articles on the game of inline/roller hockey, check out my site. It has over 100 drills to choose from.

    4. Sorry Denny Russell but this site is just about roller hockey (rink hockey in american english) so probably there's nobody interested here. But great thanks for your opinion. Kind Regards