Monday, December 19, 2011

Who says that Women don't play Roller Hockey in Italy???

They didn't give up
One of the reasons advanced in 1992 to no continue with Roller Hockey in Olympic Games was the fact of not existence a solid women's roller hockey system. Thus international federations did efforts to change all this situation an start women's international competitions of roller hockey. In 1988, CERH organized a first tournament in Eldagsen (Germany), before the first official one to happen lately in 1991. At this time Italy appeared as one of main and strongest teams, having this curriculum: 
  • 2x European Championships (1991, 1993) 
  • 2x vice World Championship  
  • 2x vice European Championships (1995, 1997)   
  • 1x third position in European Championship (2001)  
    After all these successes, the participation of Italy in international competitions, stopped in 2006, being the last appearence in Chile's World Cup, where was ranked as 11th classified. Nowadays seems that Italian Federation has abandoned the women's project in our sport. Althought the passion for it didn't disappeared and this year there's a female team playing at the Juniors U-17 Championship against boys teams. The Roller Bassano Grapa gives the opportunity to all these women's to play their favorite sport. Another example of womens persistence in Italian roller hockey, was one reported last year in Italian media, about a young girl that was taking part of Corregio team.
Playing for the U-17 Championhip
The team is composed by 7 players: 
  • Laura MINUZZO (#6)  
  • Maria CRIVELLARO (#5)  
  • Elena TOFFANIN (#9)  
  • Giulia GRENDENE (#3)  
  • Stefania MENIN (#23) Goalkeeper 
  • Paola ZOLIN (#59) Goalkeeper 
  • Sara BROTTO (#2).
and has as responsible Claudia SCRIMIN and Alessandro MILANI "Bibi" .
They know how to defend
 Rolling Together is sure that like these women's in Bassano de la Grappa, could exist more in Italy, which would like to play an Italian League just for ladies. Of course, this depends of FIHP (Italian Federation of Roller Hockey). So it's time to have again Ragazzas in European and World Roller Hockey.
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CERH Women's Ranking: 



  1. I forgot... on january the famous Chiara Marchesini (#7), which left for pregnancy will be again able to play!

    Alessandro "Gigio" Ferronato

  2. Nice news!! I hope this girls can make FIHP change their opinion about Female hockey in italy ;)