Thursday, December 1, 2011

RC Lichstad Beker Champion after 9 years

Historical (
Surprising Dutch roller hockey world RC Lichstad was for the 7th time Beker Champion. The second most important competition in Netherlands, with more than 50 years, was hosted in Eidhoven in 27th November. With the participation of 6 teams: edrc AGOR, ehrc MARATHON, Zaanse Roller Club, RC Brunssum, RC de Lichtstad, Valkenswaardse RC.
In the last 10 years VRC has dominating this competition like the Dutch League also, and had conquered 6 titles. This year everybody was expecting a re edition of VRC victory, but RC Lichstad won in the final.
The results were the follow:

1st Phase
edrc AGOR - ehrc MARATHON 2 - 3
Zaanse Roller Club - RC Brunssum 6 - 4

Semi Finals:
14.00 RC de Lichtstad -ehrc Marathon 10 - 7
15.30 Valkenswaardse RC - Zaanse Roller Club 17 - 0

17.15  RC de Lichtstad  - Valkenswaardse RC  14 - 9

This competition ends the Roller Hockey year in Netherlands, after one year full of events that try to put again this country in Europe Roller Hockey map. Just to remember the Dutch year had it big moment in San Juan with a participation in World Cup. Unhappily any youth team took part in both young competitions taking place this year in Barcelos (U20 FIRS World Cup) and Geneva (U17 CERH Euro Cup), but a great program of Youth Clinics in some cities was a great success.
All roller hockey fans wish that next year this situation can continue, and Netherlands could be part of European/World Youth Cups, and also a special one, Netherlands can help the renaissance of roller hockey in Belgium, and who knows in Luxembourg!!!

Champions of Beker Cup 2011 (source:

Rolling Together Dreams, and Roller Hockey Fans need to Dream!!

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