Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who has reason in all Continental Cup Controversy (with video press conference)

As almost Roller Hockey World know, last 5th November was a sad day for European Roller Hockey.
Like Rolling Together reported Liceo didn't take part in this Cup, because didn't agree with the host place and the date. CERH using the rules of this competition, said that Liceo doesn't have reason, so they must be punished with a money payment, and probevly will be forbidden to take part in next European Competitions between 1 and 3 years.
Although Liceo doesn't agree with CERH's decision about Continental Cup, and yesterday advance with a press conference (watch the video)

On it website they put available all documentation that will use to defend themselves:
Allegations from RFEP (Spanish Federation to CERS
Recurse of HC Coinasa Liceo
Attachment of HC Coinasa Liceo Recurse
CEA Report 

Who has reason in all this novel?? Roller Hockey doesn't need this kind of Polemics. 
They just kill our fragile sport. Be respectful with it please!

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