Monday, May 9, 2011

2011 FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup U-20

Yesterday 7th May the 2011 FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup U-20 was presented in Barcelos, Portugal.
The World Cup will be played between 11-17 September. Until now the national teams confirmed are:

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Chile 
  5. Argentina
  6. France
  7. Switzerland
  8. Brazil
  9. England
  10. Germany
  11. Australia
  12. South Africa
  13. USA
  14. Angola
Another countries like Colombia, India, Netherlands, Uruguay that participated in 2009 edition didn't confirm yet, but we hope that they can play in Portugal. Also countries like Andorra , Mozambique, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Austria, Macau and Egypt, that usually compete in B World Cup should be great surprises if could be present.

Let's wait for news and updates in the New Official Website of the World Cup in:

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