Monday, May 16, 2011

Roller Hockey Live on TV is possible

By: Tiago Silva (Best Hoquei Blog)
All the World Roller Hockey Fans know that one of the more important problems of our sport, is the lack of TV transmissions.
Usually the argument is that Roller Hockey is not attractive, the ball is to small...
As we know this is not true and now was proved by Porto Canal/MediaPro director Juan Figueroa Boullosa, in declarations to Mundo do Hóquei.
At last weeks they have been doing weekly transmissions of Portuguese League, He says that "Roller Hockey works good on TV, against what some people usually says. In Portugal is a very famous sport, that has market.Next season is not sure if Porto Canal will keep or not Roller Hockey transmissions.MediaPro is producing these matches cooperating with TA Sport, that got a good advertisement support.
To complete he says:"It is important to refer that without enterprise support, there's not hockey on TV."

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This is one more good news, proving that Roller Hockey has everything to be a Top Sport.
Next days a big Roller Hockey TV transmission, will be done from Andorra. Will be the best Club's Roller Hockey Tournament, European League Final 8. There will be links to watch Live on Rolling Together.

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