Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Hope to African Roller Hockey

Seems that CIRH is doing some efforts to support Roller Hockey.
During the Nations Cup in Montreux, Switzerland were approved the foundation of  CIRH Sub Committee – “Development of Africa”. The document of CIRH (press here to see) says this:
"Dear Sirs and friends;

CIRH Executive Committee has the pleasure to nominate the members of the
CIRH Sub Committee “Development of Africa”:
1. Mr. Carlos Alberto Jaime Pinto (President of FAP – Angola)
2. Mr. Nicolau Manjate (President of FMP – Mozambique)
3. Mr. Joaquim Coimbra (President FSAHP – South Africa)
4. Mr. Pedro Azevedo (Vice President FAP – Angola)
With sportive regards
Harro Strucksberg
CIRH President"

One of the targets of  CIRH Sub Committee is the introduction of Roller Hockey in another African countries, something there should start in my opinion in Namibia, where Inline Hockey is played.
Also there's a Sudan player in Egypt that would like to introduce the sport in his country, so...
Le's put Africa to Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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