Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Belgium playing Roller Hockey Again

In 21th and 22th Belgium will host again a Roller Hockey Tournament.
Although it is a Veteran tournament for players with more than 35 years old, can show to young people of Belgium, the quality of a sport like roller hockey. 
Probably most of Roller Hockey fans don't know that Belgium had some tradition of Roller Hockey, and suddenly due some reasons, disappeared from this sport (just some veterans keep playing it).
For example Belgium has a 2nd place in 1947 World/Euro Cup, a 2nd place of 1984 B World Cup, a 3rd place of 1938 Euro Cup and a Nations Cup conquered in 1951.

The teams to play in this Tournament will be:CP Roubaix (FRA), Agor (NED), EHRC Marathon (NED), REV Heilbronn (BEL), Kurink H.C.(BEL).
Tournament Program: http://www.rollerbond.be/docs/Tornooi%20Kurink%20HC%202011%20-%20programma.pdf

If you have any important information (info,photos,videos) write us please.
We would like to see Belgium Rolling Again, but for this something should be done! CERH and CIRH could help the federation, and also NRBB (Dutch Roller Hockey Association) that is doing some Roller Hockey Clinics in Netherlands. Taking advantage of the distance between Netherlands and Belgium, the cooperation could be decisive to reborn again Roller Hockey in Belgium. 

Websites about Belgium Roller Hockey:
  1. http://rolta.skynetblogs.be/  
  2. http://www.royalsundaysclub.be/ 
  3. http://www.rollerbond.be/
  4. http://www.rouliroula.com/ 
  5. http://www.kmodernscw.be

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