Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dutch League with Schedule, starts next 28th May

Seems that Dutch Roller Hockey don't stop, and the Dutch League has now conditions to start.
During five weekends in five different cities:
  • 28-5-2011 Dordrecht
  • 18-6-2011 Brunssum
  • 11-9-2011 Den Haag
  • 9-10-2011 Zaandam
  • 6-11-2011 Valkenswaard
the Championship will be disputed by 6 teams:
  1. Valkenswaardse RC
  2. edrc AGOR
  3. RC de Lichtstad 
  4. RC Brunssum
  5. Zaanse Roller Club 
  6. ehrc Marathon
After the many clinics that are serving to ask for more young players now the League is another prove that roller hockey is still alive.
The full schedule is on the next link:

CERH should notice this effort of Netherlands to keep roller hockey activity, and give an opportunity to play european competitions as the other countries.

Rolling Together

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