Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haka soon in 2011 FIRS World Cup U-20??

Haka Performance in 2010 FIRS B World Cup, in Austria
Our posts about Roller Hockey in countries where it hasn't to much important yet, continue. Today I am writing about the "Haka Country", New Zealand.
Seems that also there, Roller Hockey is growing up, due to a better organization and promotion.
New Zealand national team was part of last B World Cup, in Dornbirn, Austria, and finished in 9th position.
They had some good results, but of course, they need to continue with the work.
One of the biggest problems is the lack of teams to compete, so one of the solutions is the organization of tournaments with Australian teams, like Australasian Club Champions (should be good to see in this competition also Asian teams, from Japan, Macao...)

Papatoetoe in 2010 was the New Zealand and Australasian Champion.
The next tournament in 2011 will be the Ian Mackie / Noel Monks Memorial Cup between 4-6th of June in Kilbernie Recreation Centre Wellington.

All of Roller Hockey fans would like to see one day New Zealand playing A World Cup, but for this a lot of promotion and school base program must be done. New Zealand is not registered yet in 2011 FIRS World Cup U-20 to be hosted in Barcelos, Portugal, and this Championship could be a good opportunity to their young players have contact with the best roller hockey of the World.

To show a little bit of New Zealand Roller Hockey, watch the next video report abou it:

More info About New Zealand Roller Hockey in:

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