Monday, May 23, 2011

Hockey in Angola is not just in Luanda

Ferroviário do Namibe was "inter-provincial" Champion last weekend.
Organized by "Porto Comercial do Namibe" (Namibe Comercial Harbor) the tournament was played by 4 teams comming from the South part of Angola.
The final rank of the Tournament was:
  1.  Ferroviário do Namibe 
  2. Casa Pessoal do Porto de Lobito
  3. Juventude da Huila
  4. Atlético do Namibe
The final between Ferroviário do Namibe and Casa Pessoal do Porto de Lobito was 4-1, while the 3rd position match between Juventude da Huila and Atlético do Namibe was 5-2.

One of the main goals to organize this tournament was to improve the competitive level of players that will play next July in Regional Championship.
It is prepared a promotion of Roller Hockey in 4 different cities: Tômbwa, Bibala Camucuio and Virei.

The coach of Casa Pessoal do Porto do Lobito, Correia Jamba, also told that hockey is evolute in south part of Angola, country where the main teams come from Luanda.
Not just in Angola but also in important countries like Spain and Argentina one of the big problems is that Roller hockey concentrates just in some parts of the country, like Catalonia (Spain), and San Juan (Argentina). The promotion is an important step to spread Roller Hockey in the World, allowing the massification of this beautiful sport.

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