Thursday, June 9, 2011

Although Unofficial... Roller Hockey still is played in Mexico

The Roller Hockey doesn´t stop in Mexico, although it is not supported by the Mexican Roller Sports Federation as everybody know.

Trophy of the Tournament
Next weekend will be full of practice in Mexico City
In 11th and 12th of June will be disputed by 7 teams the "PRO-PISTA PUERTA 6 AFILIACIÓN 2011".
The competition will be held in Pista Puerta, Mexico City. The referee will be Alvaro Flores.

The struggle continues thinking in Future
Photo of the future generation of Mexican Roller Hockey Players (
The Mexican Roller Hockey Lovers don't give up against FEMAPAR (Official Federation), and keep teaching to young generation the pleasure of play Roller Hockey. 
In Ensenada, province of Baja California, Mexico, Hernán Pérez is working together with young players.Should be good that more examples like this one can appear in other parts of Mexico

4Th Internacional Friendship Senior Hockey Tournament 2011

Video of the Final Match between All Blacks (Mexico) and Lubbock A (USA)

One of the last events was the participation of a Mexican team, All Blacks (Mexico City team) in the 4Th Internacional Friendship Senior Hockey Tournament 2011, held in Lubbockk, Texas, USA, during 9th and 10th of April. Proving that Roller Hockey is not death in Mexico, and can compete against other countries All Blacks was the Winner of this tournament.
The other teams that had disputed the Tournament were: Lubbock A, Lubbock B, Sisson, Patin San Luis and San Angelo.
The result of the final was: All Blacks 5-4 Lubbock A

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Videos of American Tournament:

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