Monday, June 13, 2011

D’ Rapeg and Patín Sport Winners of the Colombian 6th Journey

6ta Parada Nacional Interclubes Hockey SPOne of the Federations that keeps it support and also is improving it, giving more promotion to Roller Hockey, is Colombia.
Like other big countries, and also ones where the sport doesn't have yet the money to do normal championship, like Portugal, Spain, Italy..., in Colombia the national championship is played just in some weekends and at the same place, playing all the teams against each other.

In Colombia there are 9th Journeys during one year.
In 28th and 29th of May happened the "6th Parada Nacional Interclubes", in the pavilion of  Rafael Naranjo Pertuz, in the city of Barranquilla. 

There were men's and women's competition. 
Concerning the results, in women's, the winner was D’Rapeg of Bogotá finishing the 6tht matches played, with 5 victories, and a total of 13 points. The second place was conquered by Patín Sport from Antioquia and the third Mimbre fom Bogotá.

About men's the winner was Patín Sport from Antioquia, winning all the 5 matches, finishing with 15 points. The team that got second place was Corazonista from Antioquia, and the third was Internacional de Bogotá.

The next "Parada" (Journey) is programmed to happen from next 24th to 27th of June, in Bogota.

This competition was very important, to prepare and select players which could play and represent Colombia in next International Competitions, Men's World Cup, Senior and U-20, and also Women's Copa America to happen this year.

Another important subject that I think is important to happen soon is the presence of a Colombian club in the next Rink Hockey South American Club Championship to be held in São Paulo from 29th to 3rd of December. Hope to see the Colombian Federation to support it, because in the last editions of the tournament there weren't Colombian Clubs.

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